Reading response D

Comments on an excerpt from Tauba Auerbach’s(P)(e)(r)(s)(e)(r)(v)(e)(r)(e)

TA The progress is obvious but also quite different from what I expected.

ZR I find Tauba's way of writing and a few of her statements to be meditative and poignant. I like the idea that by participating in a sort of daily practice, there is a certain initial intent, but over thousands of repetitions the practice might lead deeper questions. That in the act of doing, questions about purpose, direction and being might surface. I also like that this might pertain to life decisions, what is being said in a person’s work. It might allow time to ponder how and why someone is saying something. The unexpected results to me are also of particular interest. Mainly that I believe these paths emerge intuitively as an artists relfects and evolves.